Hire Cab Rental Services For a Safe Pleasant Travel

There are a lot of cabs available for hire in Jaipur. Cabs make your journey quite comfortable and pleasant like you don’t have to worry about the parking, you can ride to your home after late night parties, the services provided by the cab rentals are worth relying on.

Besides comfort level cabs services also provides you the safety while traveling.

Hiring cabs services make sure that your journey is not just pleasant but also safe. You don’t have to worry about the parking, driver problem or any other related problem. These services make your trip hassle-free and joyful.

Cabs For Hire in Jaipur

Also, the cars are well maintained by the company and the drivers, so that you don’t have to worry about the hygiene level of the car.

Moreover, the drivers are well experienced in their own field which gives you another advantage that the risk of an accident becomes less. To add to this, the drivers are well behaved and friendly to make your trip memorable.

Cabs for hire in Jaipur offers a lot of options to you but it’s all up to you to choose, so make sure you make a right choice.

There are many things you need to consider while choosing them like you receive an SMS or an email after booking them from their website. You must check the cab details for your chosen car as the number and car model. Also, you must check the driver’s id proof and car papers for better and authentic journey. All these factors make sure that your ride is safe and pleasant.

A Letsgo cabs service offers you all these things along with all the safety measures are taken for your betterment. So give us a try for experiencing something good tomorrow.


Best time to visit Rajasthan

Rajasthan, a culturally rich and ethnically well-endowed state is an ideal choice for every season. A place full of historic sights, beautiful monuments and picturesque views.

This place is naturally wonderful and has no end of scenic beauty and panoramic views, it is best at any time of the season.


Especially in winters Rajasthan comes out with its best. With chills in the air, the sun-soaked environment attracts more people in the season. During this season all the streets are filled with delicious food stalls of mawa kachoris, jalebi and good laddos.

Another best time to visit this place is monsoon that is between July and September. During this season a lot of festivals are also celebrated with grace in Rajasthan like Teej, gangaur and Ganesh Chaturthi.

During this you can also visit different here like Nahargarh and Jaigarh which gives the perfect lush green view around makes it a perfect picnic spot.

Summers, don’t offer much creative impetus to the travelers, as the Rajasthan is at its topmost hot temperature due to which mostly people avoid traveling in summers.

However, travelers can still avail a lot of benefits in safari in the bus tour and can chill out at the Jal mahal’s resort at the time of extensive heat in Rajasthan. If you want to enjoy your trip with bets cab services then you should contact LetsGo Cabs.

Best places to see in and near Manali

Manali, a beautiful hill town on the Beas River in himachal Pradesh is an amazing and top most tourist destination stop. Manali is famous for its spectacular scenic beauty, lush green valleys, ancient temples, pine forests and many more. It is heaven for trekkers, adventure sports, religious places and families. So if you want hire cabs or Taxi services you should contact LetsGo Cabs.

Major tourist’s attractions in Manali are Beas River, which originates from the Himalayas. Its fast flowing water attracts adventurous sports and is best for camping trips.


Another famous spot is Hadimaba Devi temple, which is a 15th century temple, which is dedicated to the wife of the Pandava prince, Bhima. Other places like Van vihar national park, manu temple, Manali sanctuary, vashisht temple, jogini water falls, Nehru kund and gayatri temple are the most famous tourist place in Manali.

Places which are located under 50 km of Manali; Solang Valley which is famous for its winter sports like skiing, paragliding, parachuting, hiking, camping and many more.

Rohtang pass another most beautiful place near Manali; gulaba viewpoint, rahala waterfalls, kullu manikaran and more places like this are famous for its beauty, sports and tradition.

Best of Heritage Stay in Rajasthan

When one talks about Rajasthan, the other immediately picturizes a place filled with rich culture, heritage displays, amazing food and flawless hospitality. Rajasthan is not just known for all this but there is a lot more.

Umed Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur the best place in Jodhpur to stay. Luxurious suits, a marble squash court, spas and outdoor pools make this private residential resort, hold the title of the biggest private residence in India.


Taj Mahal Palace, Udaipur this place is surely once in a lifetime experience which everyone must have. Its gorgeous white marble gives a splendid sight for the eyes to rest on and let the soul heal.

Samode Palace, Jaipur a place which actually gives you the royal feel and its architecture and Mughal design give an immense touch to the place which gives you a reason to stay a night there.

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur is the best place when it comes to luxury and indulging accommodations. Rambagh palace still has a royal, Rajputana ring to it, if you want to experience a rich stay this is the best place to stay.

LetsGo cabs offer you the best Cab Service in Jaipur.

What should be the special of taxi driver in India?

When you visit a place for the first time, it is obvious that will not be aware of the routes and directions. And the best available option to you is to hire a taxi. Hiring a taxi also benefits you with stress-free journey.

Earlier it was easy for people to choose taxi as there was companies in number were limited and now there is no limit on the availability of companies offering same service.

Cabs For Hire in Jaipur

Now the question is how you get to know about the best taxi service around you;

If the available driver reaches to you on time means he is punctual and will reach to you in time.

Having a criminal record leads to a bad impression of a person and this impression goes on for rest of his life.

Well aware about the locality always gives a plus point to the customer as the driver will also have different and fastest routes to reach to the destination.

A well educated driver also gives you several of advantages like he can communicate to you freely and his manners will be up-to-date.
Having an educated staff always bring good results to your company.

Plan One Day Trip to Visit Rat Temple of Rajasthan “Bikaner”.

Bikaner is a beautiful place surrounded by Thar dessert, famous for its 16th century Junagarh fort. If you have a limited time here is the list of places you can visit in one day trip with LetsGo Cabs.

LAXMI NATH TEMPLE- it is Hindu temple which is dedicated to lord Vishnu and the temple honours the goddess Laxmi’s husband avatar of lord Vishnu. You can visit the temple and its surroundings in near to one hour.

Visit Rat Temple of Rajasthan Bikaner


PRACHINA MUSEUM- this museum showcases the history of royal Bikaner. The royal fashion, ornaments, furniture and other utility items are displayed here.
SHARDUL SINGH STATUE CIRCLE AND RAO BIKAJI STATUE- these are the historical landmarks of Bikaner. There are many street shops, food outlets around this place. Spending one hour here could be more than enough to take a look.

JUNAGARH FORT- this fort is the icon of Bikaner, it is originally known as Chintamani fort. But after 20th century it was renamed as junagarh fort, which means old fort. 90 minutes are good enough to look around this place.

LALGARH PALACE- it is a palace cum a heritage hotel was build by maharaja Ganga Singh in 1926. You can also stay here if you want to enjoy the royal evening.

Do’s and Don’ts of Renting a Car

Now day’s people prefer more renting a car than driving by self. Using rental cars regularly, make them a part of your life, therefore; you should know the dos and don’ts of the process.

Cabs-in-Jaipur 2


Returning the car with full tanks is the policy of many renting companies, they ask you to leave the car with the same amount of fuel when you took it from the company. This service often leads to loss, so before renting any car check its all policies.

Finding the right car also save your money, choosing between a luxury car and a standard car. Take your time to choose don’t make a hurry and make a wrong decision.

Booking early also helps you avoid last-minute problems, so make sure you book your ride earlier.


Never forget to inspect a car from inside and outside as well, inspecting help in avoiding any dispute and damage charges.

You should never drive recklessly, although the car is not your you are totally liable to the company in case of damage to the car and above all, you should not risk the drive with your life. Safety always comes first before pushing up the limits of a vehicle.